The Brewing ProcessBeing a Nano-brewery means we don't have room for mistakes.  Quality control is of paramount importance.  The whole reason your humble brewmaster got into brewing was because I grew tired of the low quality American Pilsner everyone, even some "Craft" breweries,  seemed to be making.

For this reason, Glengarry only brews using premium quality ingredients.  I purchase the grains and yeast in large part from Midwest Brewers Supply in Minneapolis, MN.  The Hops and adjunct ingredients come from a variety of places including your local Walmart on occasion.  I use exclusively liquid yeast cultures of which the most common brand is Wyeast. I can sum up our core concepts with the following three bullets.

  • High Quality Ingredients
  • Unique Brewing Process
  • Attention to detail

The Precision Brewmaster 3000, the heart of Glengarry Brewing.

The Precision Brewmaster 3000 was a summer 2015 Engineering project. The design came from an amalgam of commercial and common home brewing setups. Glengarry's staff liked the idea of RIMS (Recirculating Infusion Mash Systems) and also like the commercial concept of "Continuous Sparging". The staff put those two concepts together and came up with the core of the Brewmaster 3000 system. The rest, including a non-wort immersion based cooling coil, where our own brain children. I steered away from an immersion chiller because, it makes for one less thing you have to situate and move while you are brewing. With the Brewmaster 3000 setup, all you basically have to do is flip valves and start and stop the pump. Leaving the brewmaster room to worry about the important things in the process like temperature, Specific Gravity, and such.  The only person on staff not pleased was the accountant.  Cooper is NOT cheap these days and all of the pipping for the Brewmaster 3000 is copper.

Brewing Philosophy

cold beer

Glengarry's Brewing Philosphy is simple.  We want our beer to be the best you've ever tasted.

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