Glengarry PhilosophyLets' face it, everybody is brewing beer these days.  The quality of that beer however is many times suspect.  It's gotten bad enough that even some "craft" breweries are beginning to skimp on quality.  That's something as the brewmaster of my own Nano-brewery I just won't do.  My customers (err neighbors?)  Won't stand for it.

The staff here at Glengarry pride ourselves on providing a consistent product that will taste better than any other beer of comparable style on the market.  If you find a beer that does taste better, tell us.  We'll do whatever it takes to improve our product to surpass it.

  • Attention to Detail.
  • No substitutes, only premium quality ingredients.
  • If it's not good, we won't serve it.

Beers The Glengarry Brewing Philosophy.

A promise to our consumers. This will be the best beer you've ever drank.

Brewing Philosophy

cold beer

Glengarry's Brewing Philosphy is simple.  We want our beer to be the best you've ever tasted.

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