The say the way to make money in the brewing business is to get big and gradually reduce quality and variety. That sounds a lot like what has happened in the last 50 years to the brewing industry in the United States. First, 80 years ago prohibition killed off 90% of the local breweries. Then "Big Business" killed the rest of the quality and variety. Glengarry purchases a variety of grains. The most common are the Carapils, (for Pilsner) 2 and 6 Row Malt (Most Wheat Beers). We love trying new things. If you have an itch for a new and intersting type of beer. tell us. We will find a way to get a hold of the correct Grains and adjuncts and make you a high quality batch of said brew.

  • Grain is the heart of the Beer
  • Without good quality grain, there is no point in making the beer.

Glegarry Brewing really doesn't car much for making scads of cash selling beer.

We're a Nano-brewery. We'll never compete with AB INBEV or SABMiller. Why would we want to? We're just here to make some beer and let the good times roll. If we make a little money. Great, but that's not the point. So cheers!

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